Except I don't know what to get. My budget is $140USD (or $200AUD).

I'm already sorting out a case for my RR3, and I'm saving up money for the Krank Rev Jr.

So what do you think I should get? My rig is this:

Jackson RR3
Marshall MG15DFX (hence why I'm saving up for a good amp)
Behringer UD100
Big Muff Pi Sovtek (the Russian one)

I play metal, the melodeth style, so are there any pedals that can help me improve my tone a bit?

Or maybe you can suggest miscellaneous gifts for me. Other people who read this might get ideas as well!
with that much your better of savin up a bit more. better pedals generally cost over $240aus. theres plenty of little stuff you could get if you really wanted to - stands etc, but i really think you should put it in your piggybank and keep savin up
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maybe ask for money and you can contribute that to a new ap fund because 200 isnt gunna buy you much maybe a decent pedal but thats not gunna make ur amp sound great anyway
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Gear Fund 1000/ ???

Yes his name is Dan
your krank rev will sort out all ur problems trust me, they are amazing..
no need for pedals with that beast!

but then again..an EQ pedal goes a long way
Heh, yeah I thought as much. It's really hard to want non-expensive gear, especially since I'm out of my RHCP-playing phase. Back then I wanted every piece of gear under the sun.
yea the krank is amazing, but seriously..get an eq pedal, will help you even out your signal, change ur tone slightly and will help shape "your sound"
I've only heard good things about it, but since my ear is still not accustomed to hearing good tone (i've only been playing for about 2 years, I can only tell extremely bad from good, not good from good), I'm not so sure.