I'm looking to get a 2X12 empty cab. Anyone know the most inexpensive ones out there? Or should I just build my own? I wouldn't mind building my own, but if there's any site where I can learn, please tell me. I was looking at Lopoline and they look decent, avatars seem a bit too expensive for me. I just want to know how to get the best quality for the best price. I might buy used, if there aren't any good cheap alternatives. I don't want it filled with speakers either.

And I'll be using it for a british high gain type of sound. I like the tone my Palomino gives with it's little 10" celestion + the speaker in my triple xxx which is like a vintage 30. So I'll probably be combining a Greenback clone with the Vintage 30 clone that I already have. I'm not sure about whether open or closed back sounds better, so any help on that would be appreciated too. -thx!