What are some things that can go wrong when paining a guitar body? I don't want to ruin my guitar doing it.
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a lot, but by the looks of your guitar I really wouldn't worry If you're still playing in a year you'll be replacing it anyway
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Nothing that can damage the guitar really. If you screw up and get peeling etc, you can just sand it back and start again.
It can react and set into the body, but other than that, you can strip it chemically to leave nothing on it or scrape and sand it off.

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Nothing that cant be fixed, you might spray to heavily and get drips on your guitar that will need to be sanded out, or using finishes that arent 'compatible' with each other. I dont now to much about it but if you use a sealer that isng compatible with a clear coat bad thngs happen. For example a lot of people ask how to protect a signature on their guitar and certain clear coats will dissolve the sharpie, so you have to test things first.

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Also you could get hit by a car, suffer an aneurism, get poisoned, choke to death on fumes, fall and hit your head, etc.... Things can always go wrong.
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you could use enamel clear coat on a white or light blue paintjob and it will turn piss yellow.
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