Hey all, looking for peoples opinion here is all. I have an old Peavey Raptor 1 sitting around. I love the feel of it, I haven't found another guitar that feels quite right. It sounds pretty iffy, but I was wondering if throwing some nice pups in there would be worth it? Raptor ones are made of poplar, and probably multiple pieces.

I find myself going back to it even with its sub par tone once in a while just because it is the most fun for me to play. So, throw in new pups or just let it die? If you think it would be worth it are there any good pups I should be looking for? I play blues, alt, and grunge mostly. They will be going through a Crate V18 212.
If you like playing it that much, it's most definitely worth it. In fact, it's worth beefing it up in every way you can imagine.
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good deal, I was hoping for that answer lol. Any suggestions on some good sounding SSS?

Yes, but only if we know your budget, amp and music style as well as any specific tonal demands you may have.
playing blues, alt, grunge. through a Crate V18 212. I just want something i can get some nice crunch out of, not sure how to describe it really. about 50-80 bucks range, willing to go up or down.