Hi all.

I have a few LTD guitars. V500, EC1000, MH400NT. I've previously owned an EX400 (played nice but neck dived like a b*tch), and some Horizon shaped one (with the teardrop/squiggle headstock, sold it cos the neck was too large for me).

I'm found a problem with the way ESP/LTD list their neck specs. The V, EC and MH I own at the moment are all listed as having a "thin U neck contour" and a 42mm compensating Earvana nut, but they all feel noticeably different. I know there are tolerances for error in their specs, but comparing the MH and the V, you can SEE the difference. And when they are specifying down to the mm, this SHOULDN'T be the case! The MH is too large for me (uncomfortable after a while playing). I bought it cos it has the same 'specs' as the V500 which feel great to me (it's thinner from low E to high e, NOTE: NOT the thickness of the neck, this is wifth along the nut!).

Anyway, how the heck am I supposed to pick out future ESP / LTD guitars if I can't even go on the specs cos they vary too much? The music shops where I live don't carry too much stock, so when I want to try out things like the ESP SV or whatever... I can't even assume it'll feel the same as my V (even though on paper it should be the same).

What to do when all the numbers are the same?? Thanks for any help in advance.