My guitar stays in tune in standard tuning but when I tune it down half a step it loses the tuning about every 1-2 mins. I used to tune this same guitar down 1/2 step with these same brand of strings (d'addario) and it was fine. My strings are correctly wound could it be because these are kinda old strings that are used to having more tension on them and can't deal with lower tension now that they're this old?

Thanks in advance peeps
Heres a hint.... get a second guitar for lower tunings problem solved!
Otherwise when strings get old there always going to go out of tune when you mess with all of them.
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Dunno. My guitar just decided it's gonna start doing this too. It's pissing me off cos I like to tune down to Drop C etc. and play some HEAVY ****. And I'm stuck in ****ing standard!!!

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get new strings bc they will go out of tune easily
and if your goin to Drop C get a higher string gauge
i use .11-.52 for mine
i agree get a higher guage. d'addario are good strings and i haven't had problems with them but mayb eyour using to low a guage.
What sort of guitar is it? You often get the problem you're describing with guitars that have any kind of vibrato bridge like a Fender vintage-style vibratp or a a Floyd Rose style floating bridge.

But generally, it sounds like a setup problem. It could be in the bridge, the tuners, the nut, the neck - no strings should go out of tune so fast just from being tuned a half step down, if the guitar is setup corretcly and the guitar was restrung correctly. A half step up then yeah you could get problems anyway, but a half step down shouldn't ever cause problems unless something is severely wrong with how the guitar is currently set up.
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thicker gauge for half step down is kinda pointless. Probably your setup or old strings
do you have a trem? if it is, i'll guarantee that that is the problem.. simple readjustments to the springs in the back would fix this.

if its a fixed bridge guitar like a strings thru or tune-o-matic, tough call where the problem lies..
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you may have too many winds around the tuning posts, your tuning machines may be slipping (look into locking tuners). are you stretching your strings when you tune? when you are tuning it up just give a nice tug upwards on the string then check to see if they dropped pitch. you may also be ready for a new set of strings.
Thanks for the replies guys. My guitar is a Fender Strat (squier I think) but the problem's only started recently and I've not changed anything on my guitar bu it used to be fine. I need some new strings anyway so I'll try those before I think about messing with any of the technic al workings, I don't have the money for a repair bill, or a new guitar to keep it 1/2 step down lol!
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If it is a Squier or Fender Strat, then it almost certainly has a vibrato bridge.

Basically, your problem is the springs in that sort of bridge need to be adjusted when you change string gauge or tuning. Right now your bridge is most likely set up for .09 strings in E Standard tuning, going down to Eb Standard will mean the bridge's springs are too tense for that tuning and the bridge is being pulled backwards by the springs further than it should be.
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