So, I have a 2 conductor pickup that I'm attempting to coilsplit.

I unwrapped the tape around the outside to find that there were 2 wires from each coil, so I'm assuming that tapping it wouldn't be too difficult.

now, how I'm supposed to wire this is where I need help. There are two coils, so lets just talk about coil 1 for now. coil 1 has a red and white wire, so after they are cut, we'll call them red 1&2 and white 1&2... where exactly do they attach?

Same thing for coil 2, except black 1&2 and white 1&2

here's a pic of it, but it's kinda blurry and might not even help at all

Unless you open up and change the wiring, 2-conductors can't be split from what I know.
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yeah I know, thats why I opened it and am asking about how to rewire it...
pick an in and out for the signal. red in and white out for one coil and red in white out for the other. wire each coil into your switch like a single coil.
So, basically cut the the four wires coming from the pickup, and scrap the old lead? It didn't occur to me that the old lead is useless until you simplified it lol

Basically you can wire an extension wire from the place where the two coils are wired together and wire it to the coil splitting switch.

I have tried it.
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What colour were the wires coming from the original 2 conductor? They should've been 1 for ground and 1 for Hot?

Each coil should have a wire coming from the North and South side of the coil. You'll want all 4 extended to your controls.

Coil 1 S to ground
Coil 2 N to Hot

Coil 1 N to switch
Coil 2 S to switch

For a series/split circuit.

This might help if I'm not too clear clickety pic.

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