Apart from NIN, yes
The will be heartache,
there will be rain,
and joy I can't explain.
Two of my five all time favourite bands (AiC, NIN) are there, along with Lacuna Coil, From First To Last without Sonny Moore...I'll survive.
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In Flames and LoG should be good
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long live bucketmark.
Would only go for DevilDriver, maybe for Lacuna Coil. Not worth $130 at all.
i wanna see flight of the chonchords, paramore and a7x at a soundwave, then i can die happy, if i dont di e from inhaling too much dust

08 melbourne, you know what im on about
Music is an art form that celebrates potential. So long as you're looking for it, you'll always find it.
also why isnt there a gig discussion forum??? i mean really, theres one for closed threads that noone uses

:EDIT: *clears throat* OHMYF*CKINGGAWD!!! IMDETH!!!!!!!
Music is an art form that celebrates potential. So long as you're looking for it, you'll always find it.
Less Than Jake? The Subways? NIN? Billy Talent? Goldfinger? Alkaline Trio? Not necessarily my type of music but at least it doesn't suck.
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alkaline trio never headline anything, they soooo deserve it
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some i'm looking forward to, jacks mannequin being one, but compared to the 08 lineup, the credit crunch and exchange rate screwed us over!

I got an early bird ticket, going for Jack's, Say Anything and that's pretty much it. I'd happily pay 110$ for a ticket to see Say Anything live. And when jack's got added to the lineup I nearly orgasmed.

Two of my favourite bands at the same gig. In Australia. Incredible.
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Damn Auals, you're messed up. :P

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if history repeats, none of the bands you think youl see will actually show. although incubus were freaken awesome this year