Hey there.

I went n bot myself a Marshall avt50h and cab and i dont think the previous owner looked after it too well.

The clean channel doesnt work now which i think is the valve, but im not sure.

If it is tho, can anyone tell me what valves i need to fix this, and is it a major job, or can i do it myself?


i will probibly get slated for this but meh, my other guitarist in my band uses a Marshall MG100HDFX and ive had a 250dfx be4, and i loved it. Anyone think i shud try and get rid of the avt n get a mg?? because i think thats what im gona be doing.

And if anyone wants to buy an avt50h i will replace the valve or fix the problem be4 selling, but ill be getting rid of it for like 100-120.

Comments anyone??

Say what you like about tonal subjectivity (and I agree with you) but MGs are also extremely unreliable.
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The AVT only has one preamp tube which I doubt is dead. You can change it out for any 12AX7 you like, it might change the tone a bit, but probably not much. If the clean channel doesn't work at all, it sounds like something more complicated.
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