I have a problem with my new vintage strat. It has been quite neglected by the past owner and now the neck bolts are well and truly stuck, which means that I can't remove the neck.

It seems like the bolts have been left untouched for at least a decade now. I was wondering what is causing this and what should I do? What I could think of is the past owner placed some kind of locking paste on the screws to keep them in place, or the screws have rusted and bonded to the wood.

Can anyone help? Hopefully I don't have to do something drastic like using an impact drill. Thanks!
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Well I would take a little WD 40 and let it sit on the screws and let it sink in between the screw heads and neck plate. Try not to get it on the finish if possible. After I would just put a screw driver in the slots and lightly tap it and put some torque on it as well to try and break the screws away from the back plate because most likely the rust between the screw and neckplate is what's got the screws frozen. If that doesn't work I would use my power impact driver, it seems a little extreme but it works, be prepared to replace the screws and/or the neckplate. I would replace them any way Fender parts are pretty easy to get a hold of. If they are that rusted you don't want to reuse them anyway.

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Try putting a screwdriver tip in a Ratchet, So you can get more torque.

If that doesn't work, put a long pipe over the ratchet and get even more torque. If that doesnt do it then that neck was built to stay where it is now.
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try tightening the screws a fraction before you loosen them.

not a lot though, just a little bit to free em up.
Thank you please.