I've had it for about two years now and about a year ago it started making a fuzz noise while playing on clean or with gain on. The fuzz noise will kind of increase and increase every once in a while, then it will make a soft pop noise and it will be gone for about 20 seconds...then it returns and does this again all the time.

All of the tubes are the factory ones and I'm not sure if this is a recurring problem with B-52 amplifiers or if its even the tubes themselves (..maybe its a fuse?).

I know nothing about tube replacement seeing as this is my first tube amplifier, so if you guys think that its a tube problem I would also need recommendations on what tubes I should replace it with. I tend to play more progressive rock/metal and pure metal, but I love alternating between crisp clean tones and heavy crisp metal tones in my writing.

Any help from you guys is appreciated!
Umm...this "Fuzz" you speak of...

Is it more of a hum?

Because this used to happen on my old amp, and it was because my room is situated near the room with the washing machine...and i was getting interference.

Maybe this is something similar?
Yeah it is more of a hum, but the room isn't near anything that would be causing any kind of interference. The only thing that could be causing it is the desktop computer, which I've had shut down for quite awhile now because the power supply burnt out.