First things first, I apologise if any of my questions are covered in the stickies and i've managed to miss the answers, if i have please direct me to where.

Secondly, i apologise for the length of this post ... i always seem to post a lot when i post, tis unintentional.

Ok, i'm thinking about buying a Line 6 Spider III 30 amp soon, i've read some of the reviews and the replies to the reviews here on UG which has led my brain to become somewhat confused about this amp. I've been playing guitar for a few years now, but for the past 6months without an amp. I dont plan on playing any shows/gigs and this amp will only be played in my room, hopefully with some headphones. So a few questions if i may...

1) I already own a Zoom 505 #2 Multi-effects pedal along with two leads. I've used this pedal on another amp and it worked, and i loved it... Will i be able to use this pedal on the Line 6 spider amp?

2) I play a few styles of music, but i mostly stick to metal. However I want an amp that can provide me with some great distortion but can ALSO provide me with some great clean sounds... I dont plan on spending any more than 150.00GBP on an amp. Is the Line 6 spider III 30 a good choice? If you know of an amp that would be better for me and is within my price range please do tell. (Also, please tell me WHY they are better if you do.)

3) Like i said earlier, i plan on using headphones with the amp that i buy ... However, i do not own any headphones that i can use with an amp, pretty sure ya know where this questions going, but i shall ask anyway ... I want to keep my budget under 30.00GBP if possible, and preferably under 20.00GBP, can you suggest some decent and reliable headphones for me please.

4) Final question ... This is aimed at those people who have ordered from websites from the UK. The only guitar related items i've bought were from america when i was living there, can you direct me to/suggest to me some sites that you know are trustworthy.

Again, i apologise for the length of this post...

Thanks for reading

well av gt th zoom g2 pedal with a line 6 spider 3 30 and sounds pretty damn gd haha, fr th headphones u could try gettin a different jack adapter fr th headphones lol
1. yes it will work
2.the lone six is ok. but it has alot of the same effects as your 505, so runnin the 505 through it will be kinda pointless.
3.headphones are everywhere try any store(headphones sound awesome through a 505 with no amp (headphones in the output of the 505)
4. i live in usa

if you really like your 505 look for a good amp with a good clean channel.
1. Yeah... it will work, but as to how well I can't say.
2. As a bedroom amp, it's okay... the Spider IIIs aren't great... actually, they're pretty crap. I'd recommend a Peavey Vypyr or a Roland Cube, they're less digital sounding.
3. You can get an adapter so you can use regular headphones, if not you might be able to find some decent Sennheiser headphones cheap, I don't know what kind of headphones are popular over the other side of the world.
4. I live in Australia, sorry.
Not much use in buying an amp with a ton of effects to use it with a multiFX pedal. The spiders arent known for being to useful with pedals. If you decide to get the spider get the FBV pedal so the onboard stuff is useful. Of course the pedal almost doubles the price of the amp. But there are way better sounding and more reliable amps to be had.
I'm sort of slow at replying, so i apologise if someones replying to my last reply (which i deleted).

Thanks to all of you.

Jymellis, I was unaware that I could use the 505 with headphones without an amp, so that helps me out hugely (thanks).

Slickerthnsleek, I only have some earphones and i would like to find some on-ear headphones (preferably noise cancelling). With my new found knowledge of the use of headphones without an amp with the 505 i think i can look into more expensive headphones and a cheaper amp. Thanks for your reply. (The last question isnt too important right now)

Tackleberry, I had completely overlooked the fact that my FX pedal could do most of the jobs that the spider amp could do (my brain doesnt always function like it should at times). Thank you.

Can anyone recommend an amp within the price range that has a good/great clean channel please?
What's the point of buying a modelling amp if you're gonna use a multi-fx pedal with it?
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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Quote by MustangSVT
What's the point of buying a modelling amp if you're gonna use a multi-fx pedal with it?

It only just occured to me .... read my post above you.
Look at some small, less than 30 watt, tube amps. Maybe a 5 watt you can crank and wont be that loud.