Okay I got into Rutgers, for engineering. And then I got a letter saying a have to take a placement test. Does this mean I have to study. Is the math part just like general problem solving skills, or do I have to remember specific theorems from calculus.

If i do really bad are they going to un-accept me?
I think that is just to determine what classes you are going to be placed in. Just incase you have to take developmentary classes or such.
Generally, in engineering programs you start with Calc. The placement test is basically to determine if you're up to speed in your trig/pre-calc stuff. Otherwise you'll have to take 1 or 2 extra semesters of math. Not a big deal, but kind of a pain in the ass. It shouldn't be difficult at all if you've had any trig/pre-calc.
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I took a math placement test at this local community college (I'm taking classes there while I finish up highschool) and it was pretty basic stuff. Nothing beyond algebra 1. If you did well on your standardized test(s), you should be fine. You could always call and ask, though.
well I took Calc 2 and got an A but I don't remember much. So would they make me take it again?
I would think so if you just took it at highschool. if you took it at another college, the credit for it might transfer.
most engineering courses have tests like that, and regardless of previous exams you will probably have to take one, but i wouldn't worry about it, i didn't do amazingly on mine, and just had an extra math class, you're really overthinking it, 3rd year of Engineering now, and that test really meant nothing
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i wouldn't really study much. i mean you don't really know what to expect anyway.

they want to know your average math ability, so studying might throw it off, and you might get stuck in a class you aren't really ready for.
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