tune your guitar
lefty fender tele standard ,
lefty tanglewood electro-acoustic
usa gibson flying v (flipped for lefty)
castrol oil can single coil electric
vox ad50vt
dunlop crybaby wah
mxr blue box

go on ireland!
Its perfectly in tune according to my tuner.
more importantly what did you think of the song itself, tuning issues aside?
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It sounds in tune, the tone's just a bit dry and weak and boring. I like you voice though.

Lyrics could be altered slightly to follow a more similar syllable pattern.
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I think the guitar sounds like that because of the microphone i'm using (it only cost £10). i'm hoping to get a better one once i get some cash. Thanks for the compliment.

Could you be a bit more specific about the lyrics? Which part doesn't work?

like "your there with a jacket out of style" i think. "even though you dont always dont get the joke" is another.

The tuning on your guitar is fine. Your voice on the other hand is different. There are time your really really flat. Also notes like "branch" in the chrous where you go down 2 notes, it sounds really forced.

The song itself and tune is nice. But there are centain things as said above that need tuning.