Anyone know about a tremolo arm I could put on my yamaha aes 820. The 820 is exactly like the 620, it just has a bolt on neck instead of a set one.
I don't really have an answer for ya. I just noticed the title, lol. I have an aes620 that I love.

Since it's a string through body, I wonder if you'll have to route for the trem. I hate to mod one like that though. But good luck on your quest.
Neatest and best would be a Trem King TK3, best there is, which is why you haven't heard of it.

PM me if you want any details etc.
You'd have to route for it , and seeing how it's a string trough body that will be kinda hard.
Just buy a cheap strat if you wanna have trem , not worth ruining your guitar.