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It came casually;
it's rumbling soliloquy
turning to a sibilant sigh.

three steps and I was in;
soaked in public perspiration,
observing the adiaphorous atmosphere
anaesthize me.

I steeled myself to watch
the hour long rerun, played in black and white technicolor
sipping on the monologue soundtrack,
and stuffing my face with
the indifference of haste.

took me by complete surprise.
Your alcoholic haze
and the menthol tinted
nicotine perfume;
like a breath of fresh air
amidst the antiseptic boredom.

I don't believe
in love at first sight.
So i took two glances.

Your arresting silhouette,
blinding in its brilliant darkness,
causing me catarct confusion;
the soft curve
of your painted lips,
and your elegant posture;
arm's tightly folded
in defiant self defense,
as if you were saying how you've
belonged 3 inches to the right.

An angel,
in fishnets and a miniskirt.

felt hurt, when you linked arms
with the buxom blonde
and jauntily receded
into an unapproachable

I think there's a lesson hidden
somewhere here,
amidst the polished shoes,
the tired bags
and the resigned retention
of canonical conformism.

But I guess that
love, lasts only
a train ride..