Hey guys, my bottom and top one work but are really fuzzy and give off ALOT of static noise, the middle one not working at all.

I installed a hotrail (bridge) Jr jb (middle) and a strat '59 (neck) all semour duncan to my strat. i done what the diagram told me to do, wire white and red together and tape off, green and bare wired to the pot and black to the switcher in the same position they were originally.... anyone know what is wrong?.
Ok. First of all. What you should of done is removed the old ones one by one and REMEMBER where they were. Then you should of fitted the new pups and crocodile clamped the wires before soldering. This way you know if there is something wrong. Sounds like you haven't soldered them to the pot properly though, but you could of done anything with the middle one.
My SG had sort of the same setup, the white and red may need to be wired to the actual switch itself and the black may need to be attached to the little tab (not sure what it's called) but it sticks off of the pot and a wire connects from it to the switch. It's hard to explain. >.<
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Few things it could be.

burnt up the pot when you soldered to it
a bad wire going from the volume pot to the jack
1 or 2 stray wires from some sheilded wire touching either the hot lug of your volume pot or the hot lug on your jack
Bad solder joints
A sheilded wire in the guitar got too hot and the insulation separating the sheild and the conductored metled and it now grounding your signal.
burnt up the switch when soldering to it
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Apart from the great suggestions the guys have given you so far , I'd also add , is the pickup cavity properly shielded , and do you have a wire from the pickups to the bridge , as a ground ?