I'm Interested in creating exotic percussion effects. So wanted to buy turntables,but have never used them before. here are my questions.

1. If I'm not mixing live ,then I only need 1 turntable and a mixer correct?

2. Do I need the mixer? Can you scratch without the crossfader.

3. If a have a audio file, can I load it on to the turntable and work with it.

4. Regular studio headphones should work as monitors correct?

5. How do i record the stuff I do with the turntable to a recording software.

6. please recommend turntables and mixer for about $1000.
1. You can get a USB turntable as well, if you want to transfer Vinyl into digital.
2. Well, most advanced scratch effects require a crossfader.
3. Digital vinyl systems like M Audio's Torq or Serato let you do this. Their software/interfaces cost about as much as a good mixer, and easily hook up to them.
4. Yeah.
5. If you use digital vinyl systems, it's usually built into the software, or you could run a parallel program.
6. If you want digital, you may want to spend a bit more. In any case, go to Scratchworx.com and look up their reviews. Rane's TTM56 is the de-facto scratch mixer, and Vestax probably makes the best feeling turntables.
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