Can any of you guys get onto the personal banking bit and login?
Mine never logs on without having to hammer the enter key on the address bar after doing anything. Even that does noting today.
Being housebound for a few days, I can't go to the hole in the wall (ATM) to check it either.

Oh, sorry if this belongs in the computer thread.
Or "The only internet banking" thread.
Quote by MoleMania
Contact them about it.

Well I would, but I can't get onto the website to find the contact details and my local branches are all closed. Thanks though.

Also, I don't have any of it on paper because I don't get any statements through the door. Literally have a card and thats it.
Credit crunch forced them to sell their servers obviously.
If you tell me your details i'll try log in for you.
But seriously, use your telephone to contact the bank.
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Mines fine...

Excellent. I'll just bin this computer then.
Ta muchly.
clear your itnernet browsers cache and cookies... then it should work.
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Quote by Daniel8488
clear your itnernet browsers cache and cookies... then it should work.

I'd already tried that earlier, thanks for the suggestion though.

I have managed to get in with the attack the address bar method.
It is getting tiresome though. =/
It sometimes is a right faff for me to log on. Tee website just isn't available and stuff.

Don't know if there is owt you can about it tho.
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