Okay, I've just been turned down for a job with the Police, and the Fire brigade are not employing in the 'forseeable future', therefore my job plans are out of the window for now (cant re-apply for police until 6 months after original application if turned down). I have some money saved and I want to travel with it, or do something.

Firstly is there any UK based websites or companies that you can go to that can help with setting up accomodation/work (paying or volunteering if accomodation is free etc) in foreign countries?

Secondly, if there isnt much on offer with a company that could help, what are the chances of me being able to fly over to newyork (Or other main American city), rent a small apartment and find work, even if its something like Bar/club work? I am only looking to do this for a few months or maybe abit more, but I feel like I need to expand my horizons and experience a part of life that I probably wont have much more chance to experience, and I feel that this year would be the best oppertunity for me to do this.

As I said, I have money saved, I have around £3,000, but could probably get up to around £4500-5000 after selling my car and a few other bits like old guitars/amps.
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So noone knows if there is Any sites or companies? Or the actual likelihood of being able to get a bar-job/apartment in NY?