Since this hasn't been shut down, I'll begin my invasion.

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This are songs that I have an earnest intention to record.
Given that I don't have a stable band, but a decent selection of musicians to work with, I could get some self-produced demo pieces out.

Imploring_substance_mkii-One of my new favorites, because it's pretty straight forward, enjoyable to play, and sounds quite nice.
But it's hardly even my best song at the moment. Just one of the better ones.

zzz_Sublimity of Dead Flies-A mish-mash of styles, with Spanish guitars (that are poorly executed), PHC, and some metal. It is one of my more favored songs, as it gets to be quite spicy.

Miscellaneous songs that I may or may not record. If ever recorded, it would be under a different moniker than the above pieces, as the stylings of the songs are not under a consistent theme.

Dawn_At_Sunrise-A 300-bar prog epic. It's got 8-9 different sections, with a somewhat quirky theme. It should be pretty obvious what the theme is to any comic book fans.
Regardless, it is a difficult piece to get into. I still consider it a WIP due to it's inaccessibility.

cloom_slithe-More of a soundscape than a song. Really, an experiment. A failed one? Perhaps. But it still remains dear to me.

The Architects triad-Popish post-hardcore/thrash. Needs more tension and attention. Remaking this, but keeping the rough copy up to serve as a comparison.

Noctural Logistics-Post-hardcore with a very slight funk and jazz vibe to it. A little experimental as well. Trooly one of my best songs, but I will always try to improve.

Noctural Logic-Somewhat post-hardcore. Not my absolute favorite, but it is pretty enjoyable. So much so, that I've reconstructed this song into what could possibly be my magnum opus. This isn't that version (of course).

Lycotrope-Fast paced melodeath.
Quite old, but it is still a decent song.

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