so, i've been lurking around in the ultimate-guitar forum archives trying to find out the order my pedals should be in when i plug in to play.. I've read some basic stuff, but along with single individual pedals, i also have a big multi-effects unit. I can't find an answer as to where it belongs in the pedal order because it has many numerous effects.

My Effects:
Digitech Bad Monkey (Overdrive)
Digitech Metal Master (High Gain Distortion)
MXR Phase 90 (Phaser)
Danelectro Fish & Chips (EQ)
Boss ME-50 (Distortion, Delay, Flanger, Reverb, Wah, Whammy, etc)

Now, I could probably figure out the order of the single pedals, but if I could have some info as to where to put the Boss ME-50, that'd be great.
it all depends on where YOU think they sound good. try different combinations, theres no set "rule" for where everything "should" be, just some guidelines, but even them you don't necessarily have to follow.
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I would place it like this:

Phaser -> Bad Monkey -> Metal Master -> Fish/Chips -> ME50
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edit - actually i'd put it in the effects loop if you have one

I'm gonna sound like a noob for saying this, but I don't think i know what that is....ergo I don't think I have one. What is it?