So i have guitar rig 3 and im using it with my PX5D at the moment, but the px5d has no expression pedal and i cant use any of the controls/ features with guitar rig 3.

So im looking to get some kind of pedal board for it, i was looking at the zoom line of pedal boards, since they seem pretty good. i was going to get a pedal with more midi control buttons and two pedals, but that is about £250, although it does use real tubes in it.

Anyway, would the Zoom G2.1U work with the midi control features in guitar rig 3, such as moving to diffrent amp models, turning on/ off diffrent effects and the most important thing, would the expression pedal on the Zoom be usable in guitar rig 3?


Ive googled everwhere and i cant find this out =/
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