ok here goes...i've had a lotta a these threads askin which guitar to buy but my sale always falls apart at the last moment...this time i am gettin one for sure...it has to be one of these to guitars...here comes the messed up part...i have never played these guitars and will never get the chance to play them...they are not available in the country where i live and since i know the dealer he said he cud get me one of these 2 from dubai...but i wud have to pay him half up front...now i know wat guitar u like is upto personal preference...but i'd just like to know wat u wud pick and why...the S470 will cost me 525 us $ and the iceman 750 $ + hardcase...
btw i have played an RG and find the wizard 2 a really really comfy neck......

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Killer looks
Sounds really nice
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one thing i forgot to mention...i am tall and lanky...lanky in the sense ppl tell me dat if i lose anymore weight i might just disappear... ...dats why the weight of the guitar is very imp to me....i currently use a squier strat and dat is fine...i cant handle anything heavier than dat...tried a les paul once...cudnt stand for more than 15 mins..now i know the s is really light and stuff but is the iceman really heavy or is it comparable ??
get the S.

the iceman breaks your shoulder
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really ?? is it dat heavy ?? cuz i was leaning towards it due to it havin a 5 pc neck, dimarzio pups and a cool shape...god i hate to buy a guitar w/o tryin it out...
The Iceman is pretty ugly. Choose the other one.
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k...but is the s470 neck thru ??

edit : i also change tunings between standard and drop d quite often...but i have heard dat is not such a prob with the ZR trem...of cuz it is simpler on the iceman...but is it as much of a hassle as it is on an Edge or a FR ??
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Well I havent played the Iceman but I own the S470 so I'll do my best to describe my experience with it, I've had it just over a year now.
This is a guitar that HAS to be setup properly to be really good in my opinion, I'm gonna be getting mine adjusted and tweaked after christmas and I can't see myself using it before (I havent used the guitar in a while). The ZR bridge is supposedly one of the best if not the best out there, but on my guitar it isn't so good, again I think this is a setup problem because when I got the guitar it was very poorly setup up by the shop (I havent bought anything there since) I'm useless with setting up guitars so I havent even tried doing it myself. The bridge pickup is ok, kinda similar to an Epi Les Paul, the neck pickup in my opinion is awful, it's very muddy. I never use the middle pickup so I won't comment on it. The playability of it is sublime though, the best neck out there in my opinion, the first time my mate had a go on the guitar the first thing he said was "wow, the speed of the neck caught me off-guard there". The main thing I'm peeved about with this guitar is that I over paid for it, I bought it £430 in a shop when I could have got it for £330 off the internet, or even cheaper used.....that's neither here nor there though for your case, just my little rant lol.
Over the time I have had it the tuning stability has been wearing down and now I can't even play a 4 minute song on it (even when all locked up at the nut) with no bending of the strings etc without it going out of tune, again though this could be a problem with the initial setup.

So there is my experience with the S470, as I said earlier I think as long as it is setup properly it could be a great guitar but even then the neck pickup is still pretty horrid so if you use the neck pickup allot it may not be the best choice. Would I ever buy another one.....probably not, if I buy any S model guitars in the future they will only be the prestige ones.

Hope this helps.
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hey...thanx a lot...dat did clear up a lot of my qs...so basically if i get it set up professionally at the beginning it shud last me longer than a yr right ?? cuz dere is no way i can buy another guitar within a year...
Pls stop using "dat".

If your height poses a large problem, then S is better, because they are supposed to be thinner and light than the RGs
i have a s470 it is amazing but the pickups are bit a weak, i would still chose it over the iceman though cause i think that looks silly.

you can also get single coil and humbucker sounds from the s470, don't think you get that from the iceman
try listening to soun clicks on internet
I used to have an S470. It was okay I guess... but nothing special. I prefer the ICT700... awesome shape and awesome guitar. (And it's such a relief without the tremolo)
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hey...thanx a lot...dat did clear up a lot of my qs...so basically if i get it set up professionally at the beginning it shud last me longer than a yr right ?? cuz dere is no way i can buy another guitar within a year...

Anyway, yes the Saber is a very well built guitar, and the trem doesn't wear out like some others I could mention *cough*edgeIII*cough*, as long as you keep it maintained, lubing the bearings and such.
I'm really GASing for a Iceman right now, I just can't afford it.

I made myself sad.

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