Sorry if this is a newb question (elitists, bash if you want. You're not cool or impressive at all. Especially if you aren't helpful to the thread, thanks.)

Is the order of how you organize the pedals gonna effect of how the tone/effects are? I only have 2 pedals, a DS-1 and a MT-2, and if I swap them, there is a little difference with the gain. However, I'm thinking about getting the DD-7 pedal, so does it matter where I put it? before the gain pedals? in between? after?

Or does it not matter at all? Thanks
the order of pedals does generally affect the tone that is produced. where to put the pedal is entirely up to you, just play arpund with it in different positions and see what you like best.
the order doesn't matter but it does change the sound - you should do whatever sounds best to you - experiment with them.
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http://www.harmony-central.com/articles/tips/guitar_effects_guide/ this will help but like others said it doesn't matter what order its all up to you and what you think sounds good
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