Howdy, okay so i have Half stack that i have a question with.
I use a Mesa dual rectifier and have about an hour ago got my Orange PPC2x12 through the post. Glorious =] So i have never owned my own cab before, sounds silly but yeh, i'm quite puzzled.
I just tried to hook up the two to make sure its all working for christmas, but i didn't know what cable to hook them up with. So i got an ordinary jack to jack cable and tried that. obviously it didn't work. Is this because of the cable? I looked at the tubes and everything and sure enough, 4 of the 6 tubes are glowing nicely. The other two have a slight glow at the top. Could this be why it didn't work? All the lights and stuff were on.
I haven't played my mesa more than 3 times due to lack off cabinet so i dont think the tubes could of blown or whatever, and it hasn't been knocked or damaged.
So was it the cable that csaused the problem?
What sort of cable would i need and how much roughly would they cost?

Thanks for the help.
you need to use a speaker cable

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Use a speaker lead, they cost about £5 max.
Check that the impedence is set correctly (the ohms of the cab must be higher or equal to those put out by the amp)
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instrument cables are quite different from speaker cables - so make sure to get speaker cables to connect head to cab

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speaker cables and correct ohms rating.
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well done on choosing mesa

And yeah, speaker cable...

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It should work if used with a guitar cable it will still send a signal to the cab. Just a guitar cable can fry an amp. But you did say you have used the head before without a cab. "Only 3 times" it only takes once to waste the OT. A tube amp without a load will cause serious problems. So if you have fired up and played a guitar thru the amp for more than a few minutes without a speaker hooked up you may need to take it to a shop. Try a proper speaker cable if it doesnt work then you have problems.
No of course i haven't tried it without a cab. I've just never owned a cab myself, but i've played through others.
Ok i'll go on the hunt for a speaker cable tomorrow, but doesn't really explain the tube situation? Is it normal for only a few of the tubes to properly glow?

The ohms i think were correct. The Cab is 16 ohms, so i put the cable from the 16 ohm output on the amp to the cab. There is two slots in the back of the cab, does this mean i need 2 cables or what?
It probably has 2 speaker outputs but you only have one cab so use one output. The power tubes will glow brighter than the smaller preamp tubes.