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No matter how many times I try, I don't learn my lesson. I just don't care for playing acoustics. Every few years I get the idea in my head that I'm really missing out on something for only having electric guitars and I try an acoustic again, but this baby just sits in it's case in the closet never getting played. If I enjoyed acoustics, I'd never let this one go.

This is a vintage Takamine G330 acoustic dreadnought w/ top quality made in Japan construction. These vintage Taks are completly different from the current day G330.
Solid mahogany back and sides, spruce top. Bone nut and saddle. Once piece solid mahogany neck. The spruce top has darkened beautifully with age and gives a rich organic classic dreadnought sound. This is what acoustic guitars are all about!
Truss rod, serial number and Takamine imprint within easy access inside the body. 100% original parts.
Comes with brand new hardshell fitted case with plush black fur interior.
I'm the second owner. Original owner told me they thought they had bought it in 1978, but looking at the serial number it's possible this is made in 1983.
I just restrung this guitar with D'Addario strings and treated the fretboard with lemon oil. Minimal fretwear if any - no visable lines or grooves in the frets. No dry cracking in the frets, no cracks, splits, repairs, etc. anywhere in the body or neck. There are a few light surface scratches and dings on the body and headstock as seen in photos typical of a guitar this age. Please understand, this is not a mint condition brand new guitar right out of the box, but is in great shape for a vintage 30 year old guitar.
This is ready to play as is. I would say the action is medium to medium low for an acoustic. It can easily be lowered quite a bit more next time you change strings if you want.

These guitars have a history behind them, and are often referred to as the "Martin lawsuit" guitars, even though there was no lawsuit ever filed. You can search Google for plenty of info on these, and reviews on harmony central. Takamine was under contract to produce a line of guitars in Japan for Martin, but when the business relationship dissolved between the two Takamine continued making these guitars to the exact blueprints from Martin, except with thier own logo on the headstock. This guitar is an exact replica of the late 70s Martin D-18.
My expertise in guitars in completely centered around Les Pauls so when it comes to acoustics I can't give a professional opinion, only my own personal opinions based on my personal preferences. While I don't have an actual Martin D18 from this era to compare with all the owners of these Taks I've run across claim they are indistinguishable from their 70s counterparts. Search youtube for "lawsuit takamine" for some sound samples and read some reviews on harmony central and judge for yourself. I tried every acoustic under $700 at Guitar Center before I bought this and this one blew them all away IMHO.
This is the perfect guitar for someone who wants a good quality acoustic without a the Martin price tag, or someone who needs a backup to thier high end guitar that they arnt afraid to take out and play anywhere.

I'm asking $375 obo shipped w/ insurance within US. Case itself is worth $75+. Will ship worldwide if buyer covers additional shipping costs. I have 150+ positive feedback selling on ebay and will give my ebay id as reference. I'd perfer not to have to deal with ebay on this. I'm not trying to profit on this guitar, just to get what I paid for it and give it a home where someone will play it instead of letting it sit in the closet.
I'm also open to any and all partial or full trades for gear/guitars with the following exceptions:
I do not need/want amps, stratocasters, or acoustics.

This one's gotta go! Make me an offer I can't refuse! Reply here, PM me, or email me kyates33@yahoo.com

Yes, this guitar is still available. I had a few trade offers on it that didn't work for me. If you are interested, let me know! Thanks!
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Nice guitar. Would you be interested in this?


I live in California too. City of Walnut (LA county). You?

Thanks for the offer!
Not interested in an Ibanez at the moment. Doesn't do much for me. If you have anything else for trade run it by me...doesn't hurt to ask! Thanks!
BTW, I live in Ft. Lauderdale Fl area, so anyone is welcome to play first and pickup locally to save shipping costs if interested.
Hmm, for some reason, I thought you were in CA, lol.

I'm guessing guitar stuff is the only stuff you'd be taking for trades? =\
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Quote by abcdboy
Hmm, for some reason, I thought you were in CA, lol.

I'm guessing guitar stuff is the only stuff you'd be taking for trades? =\

Hmm...I'm not sure what else someone might trade other than guitar gear or cash. I hadn't thought of it.
I'll take a Ferrari or a Porsche even trade, other wise I can't think of anything lol
Really though, if you have something in mind feel free to run it by me. Worst that can happen is I'll say no, which isn't a big deal.
Ah. Do you mind emailing me? It's a lot more convenient for me to keep track of this through email. My addy is Jeffreyliu838@yahoo.com.

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