I have found an acoustic which I think will suit me perfectly. The Masterbilt dr-500ra

Just a photo, it's not available

It's got a lot of praise and it's cheap, at least for my budget. the problem is: I'm having huge problems in finding any dealers who have the guitar in stock, and it seems like it's out of production.

Does someone know anything about the guitar. Is it out of production?
Does anyone know where this guitar can be purchased (both web and store). I can buy both new and second hand

Please someone respond, so that I might get this beautiful guitar. thanks
I just saw one at guitar center and it was heavily discounted. I don't know if it is discontinued or not. It was an awesome sounding guitar for sure. They also had 3 aj500's there as well. The AJ seemed to project better to me. You should be able to track one down at any one of the big online chain stores guitar center, musicians friend etc...