one going cheap in my local shop, but whats it like? is the neck thin enough for faster playing? does the paint chip easy? etc etc. post your thoughts on this guitar
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Well Dimebag could shred the **** out of it...
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A person i know have the V version of it, tbh the neck is a really strong v shape, you may like that type of neck but i just never get a good balance for playing it . The design is put on it a way that if it gets hit hard enough it wont dint, it will just crack. try it out and see what you like about it.
To be perfetcly honest, I wouldn't touch anything with Dimebag's name on. Dean tend to make the Dimebag moidels very badly.

I played a Dim-oFlame in a store not too long ago and I have toadmit that I was unimpressed. Spend your money on something else.
If it's for the right price, go for it.

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Obviously by the responses you've gotten, it's a matter of opinion. I have a Razorback V and it's the best fitting guitar for me I've ever touched. I say yes. But I also say try it first.
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