Hey Pit,
I have my American Lit semester exam tomorrow and as part of it, I have to write an in-class compare & contrast essay comparing (and contrasting) two characters from Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which characters I should use, with some main points that I could easily write a few paragraphs about? That would help me out a ton because I also have a Bible Doctrine and Pre-Calculus final to study for.

I'm thinking about using Topsy and Eva.

Btw, I haven't read the book.
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Just write you didn't read the book, but Topsy totally pwned Eva.

A for sure.
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How cool is your teacher?

I didn't know a question for Antigone so i wrote an essay on how awesome gladiator was and used in-text and quotes (I.E "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius...in this life or the next"). My teacher didn't like it that much but my history teacher told me he would have given credit for it.
Maybe you should have read the book. I mean, come on, that one is pretty short. SparkNotes should help you, though.
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Whats bible doctrine?

Serious question. is it like a religious class just focused more specifically on the bible?