All of the pedals are in very good or mint condition, and most have velcro on the bottom

A boss ds1 very good condition $30

A Boss PH-3 Phase shifter, very good, comes with box- $55

A Boss NS2 noise suppressor, mint, cuts down on any hiss or buzz that comes from your signal chain-$55

Finally a Gator tote Pedal board w/ camo carrying case great condition, will come w/ 2 daisy chains - $40

If you want to buy everything together, then we can work out a price, all prices are include shipping and paypal to the continental US

PM me with offers, Need to make some cash before the holidays

25 shipped for ds-1?
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Ds1 is on hold,

I will sell the Ns2, Ph3, and the pedal board, with all of the patch cables and power supplies for $125
i am very very interested in the noise surpressor. ill shoot you a message.

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All of the pedals are gone now

the only thing left is the Gator tote pedal board, I will now include a Fender pt100 tuner pedal (black) with the pedal board, 4 patch cables, 2 daisy chains, and a power adapter, all for only $45 shipped.
I'll take it! PM me when you can.
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