Im interested in doing my own home recordings and after lurking this forum and reading the FAQ I decided the firewire interface is my best option. Ill be installing a firewire card in my home pc soon.

Any recommendations on a firewire interface around $200 us?

Another question, I was gonna get a SM57 mic and use it for both vocals and acoustic guitar. Would this mic be good for both? And after if I wanted to record just riffs down on my electric could again use this mic or should I get another kind?

Thank you!
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Check out the presonus Inspire it runs right at $200.

The sm57 will actually work best on the amp. For the vocals and acoustic you may want to look into a condenser mic. However the sm57 will work for everything at first. You may want to change it later on for the acoustic and vocals.

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I have a M-Audio Fast Track. I think it was a few hundred dollars. It works wonders.

Led man32 is right, I use a SM57 and although I don't really do vocals, i've tried them and they aren't the best for them. It does sound great for my amplifier though.

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Why firewire? Are you planning on tracking a lot of inputs at one time?
If not, USB 2.0 is a little cheaper but will work just as well.

As for suggestions on FW interfaces, PreSonus Inspire, PreSonus Firebox, Mackie Onyx Steallite (not for Vista).

The 57 needs a lot of gain so make sure you have some fair preamps. The Firebox has good ones as does the Mackie. This mic does work good on acoustic guitar and great for vocals but if you can, get the MXL 990/991 set which goes for $70. That would be better for the guitar IMO

The 57 is built around amps but it still sounds quite nice on vocals. I know members that prefer it over the 57. I personally use my 990/991 set 90% of the time and the 57 10% of the time.
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I was thinking firewire because it has been said on here that you may regret USB later. I am only doing mostly acoustic stuff and vocals right now. Later ill get into recording electric stuff. I'm only doing one instrument at a time though.

That being said, what are good USB interfaces for around 200?
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EMU 0404 is a great unit and USB 2.0

The only time I would stay away from USB is when you have a 1.1 connection on it, (which is slower than 2.0) or if you were planning on recording more than two mono sources at one time. Most USB interfaces tend to mix down after more than two inputs are being used.

Firewire is a touch slower than USB2.0 but the difference is hardly noticeable.
The most ill be doing is two, i'm not interested in recording drums and I can't for that matter living in an apartment. I'm gonna defilently looking into the mics suggested and maybe the m57 because I found one cheap for $50 bucks.

I do have USB 2.0 with a pretty powerful laptop and desktop. So I should be able to run the software with no slow downs and such.
is too young to be versed in such grown up ways...

please listen to my band at www.drawntofury.com