If, like me, you like the FLoyd, then please take 10 seconds to VOTE Pink Floyd in the Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin Radio) Rock-Off competition!

Visit the link below, tick the box next to Pink Floyd, enter the 'security code' and submit your vote!


No registration required.
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I voted, but can you please stop spamming that damn link? It's annoying me. People will use the link in your first post.
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Who the feck is/are James?
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I think I need a glass of water and a nap.

They had a couple of top ten hits in the 90s in the UK. Dont think they did much internationally.
Excellent news, the Pink Floyd are now in the FINAL so need your vote in this final round!! Come on people!! Let's make our Pink Floyd win this!! We beat James with 53% of the vote.

We are up against a Green Day forum and they have a lot of people voting for them! They currently have 80% of the vote!! So please vote Pink Floyd and spread the word!!

Vote Pink Floyd - http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/music/rockoff/
What's sad is that Green Day are winning by a very large margin
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What's sad is that Green Day are winning by a very large margin

I don't even understand how this is possible.
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Damn this isn't good

Coldplay beat Muse

Greenday beat the Strokes

And how come James is so damn popular?
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I know!!! All the more reason to get behind the Floyd. That Green Day stuff is too loud!! haha
I voted for Green Day just to piss of the last person that started a thread about this....
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They are, but we have them down to 67.1% now. So spread the word and do some voting!! ;-)