Ok, so i have a video i would like to put from my Video camera to my Pc, but it just wont seem to work.

I'll try and give as much information on the camera as i can so you get the idea.
It's a 'Sony Digital video camera recorder DCR-TRV270E". I have already got the video recorded (On a tape, not Memory card). On the little input thing there are 3 inputs, one for a USB and another that says AV out DV out. Above that is a little slot that looks like the same kind of input you'd get for headphones, which is yellow.

I've looked at some things online and they've all said just go to windows movie maker and select the camera, but my computer wont even pick up the camera. I have it connected through USB atm, as i don't know what the other two do. So how do i get my video from my camera to my PC?

I actually know nothing about what to do so any help is appreciated.
1) Plug it in via USB
2) Turn camera on
3) Open My Computer and see if it is recognized as a hard drive
4) If yes to 3), then you ought to be able to open the folder and copy\cut and paste the video onto your PC.

[Edit] Just re-read your post, and you say it is recorded on a tape and not digital. Not sure if above will work.
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How trusted is that website? I dont want to be downloading of something not trustworthy.
Ok, update.

I pressed the button that says burn a VCD on the camera and it popped up on my computer, but it comes up with an error.
I downloaded the driver from the website, but i don't think it worked, or it doesn't do much.
If it's a tape the only way to get it onto a computer would be through fire wire i believe, or through a special tape deck that hooks up to usb. Is it digital 8 or mini dv?