Hey, i am quite frequent to the UG website just not the forums which is a shame i wish i joined sooner, well ive been playing the guitar for just under 2 years now (electric) i have had prior musical knowledge with other instruments etc but any irrellevent to what i was asking.
Basically my intentions are to eventually play neo-classical metal and other forms of metal, atm i would say on the metronome i can accross 4 notes at 100 bps ie 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 but over multiple strings ie E to A im at 60 bps, E(1,2,3,4)A(1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1)E(4,3,2,1) now this concerns me i never really bothered using a metronome till about 2 weeks ago i have pretty much perfected the accuracy at around 90bps working on the 100bps and working on the 60ps(on multiple strings).

Thing is am i wrong in thinking that as ive been playing almost 2 years this is bad and i will never be able to play stuff like malmsteem, satriani, avenged sevenfold, vai, gilbert?
I really have a passion for those mentioned and love their music and want to one day just be able to have my own influence from them in my own music.

Am i wrong in thinking if i cant get close after 2 years that im doomed or does it take much longer any tips and advise would help me so much!

you want to be able to play malmsteen, satriani, vai etc... after less then 2 years??? Dude, go to the bathroom, take a cold shower, and after you wake up start to practice. Come back in 10 years and you still wont be good enough

all joking aside, yes you are wrong in thinking you can come close after 2 years. If it was that easy, we would all have contracts and not be sitting on this site

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phhhhhhhhhhhffffffff dont worry...ive been playing about 9 months (bass) and i can play most rush songs (with the exeption of yyz) and dont take lessons i just have a really well known book....so basicly i think im doing pretty good but i REALLY REALLY want to get good and influence people like you, and everybody learns at different rates...like i spent the first 4 months of having my bass only playing fall out boy tabs and not reading one lesson...so i made up pretty good i think and if your as good as you said you should be fine....it takes years to get real good but you can get decent after 3-5 years if you work hard...haha if your into metal ( i dunno what exactly your talking about cuz i listen to deathcore, hardcore/metal, and some deathmetal so i would practice some techniques like sweeppicking, and tapping if you want to feel some improvement as far as playing metal
well i only started getting lessons a few months ago the rest was self taught, im getting lessons in theory atm,

i think you missed the point of what i meant to say i didnt mean becoming on par with people like malmsteen in two years i know that will never happen nor will being able to play like them.

But i was wondering if i should be better than i am ie playing at those speeds at nearly 2 years and is there anything i should start learning for the neo classical stuff etc.
A metronome is NOT a speedometer - it's not there to measure how "good" you are, it's just there to help you keep time and if you concentrate on playing accurately and in time then speed will naturally increase over time.

You shouldn't get hung up on numbers, especially when it's just exercises. Just worry about playing music - judge yourself on how well you can play or write songs.
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Another way I would urge you not to focus on speed=best, look at some blues players (most of the players you've mentioned have some element of blues in their playing, satriani and gilbert especially). Look at players like BB King (just an example), understand that good tecnique and phrasing are just as (arguably more) important than speed.

However to answer your original question, no it is not unusual to be thinking you are not as good as you should be. I often think that, it is what keeps me striving to be better. The point when you think you know it all and can do everything, it's time for the grave.