Hey there. I'm thinkin of getting/trading myself a new amp.

At the moment I got a Fender Hot Rod and it's very nice on clean, never use the crunch.
It's very loud for my bedroom playing and will be for any gig(presumed I use PA)
I therefore thinkin' of downgrading myself to a Blues JR which is the same deal just 25 watts less and singel channel but still quite loud.

If I do this trade - My HotRod for a Blues JR, I could get some extra money and still have the "same" amp and sound.

Is this a good idea or is there any other amps you could recomend me instead that would give me the same kind of deal?

I don't take the time to write my style etc now, I'm open to sugesstions!
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if you like the sound, don't do anything. keep the amp. Downgrading to a blues JR will give you a different sound, probably similar, but if you like your tone now, KEEP IT
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Blues Jr. and HRD are not very similar in sound at all

Buy an attenuator if it's too loud
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If you're happy with the HRD, why change anything?
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dont trade it in you like the sound so you like the amp.
if its a valve amp as well then no two amps will ever sound exactly the same there will always be suitale differences that you'll hear.
I've played both amps and if they were exactly the same price, I'd take the Blues Jr.

So, I think I hear what you are saying backtothe70's. I'd make the change. There are some mods to the BJ you may want to consider also.