Could someone tell me about solo's and scales ?
what is the link and how are they used ?
Well you know what a solo is. and the solo will follow the notes from a scale (or scales) that fit with the key that the piece is in. Thats the basis of it without going deep into the depths of theory.
what type of thing did you want to know specifically?
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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You should be improvising. IMO improvising is the most effective method of soloing. How?

First off, improve your phrasing.

Try to phrase yourself like a singer. Think of it as if you're singing with your guitar. Listen to some singing melodies and try to copy it on your guitar.

Next learn 2 or 3 shapes from a pentatonic scale. Try to become good at moving between each shape and try to be able to play 4 or 5 notes on the same string. This will help your phrasing majorly.

When you get good, play over some backing tracks. You should be able to hear the chord progression and hear which notes are stressed (first beat of every bar). On these stressed notes, try to play chord tones of the chord playing.

Also, learn your theory.

You shouldnt be afraid to use other guys licks (like when uncreativity hits), but you shouldn't ever overuse licks. It's unoriginal, cheap and improvisation sounds so much better.
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