I had my music on shuffle, and two songs back to back with cowbell countoffs and usage of cowbell came on. So I listened to a few more and realized cowbell only sounds right practically at one tempo. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this or if you could prove me wrong, great.

Mississippi Queen- Mountain
Little Sister- QOTSA

Just some examples.
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Drag the waters- Pantera
and More Cowbell!!!
(Don't Fear) the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult

I see what you mean though it seems like only quarter notes are played on cowbells.
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the cowbell is very diverse. For proof:
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Livewire by motley crue
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Hair of the Dog - Nazareth.

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Paul Gilbert - Norwegian Cowbell.

Emi Gilbert is the sexiest cowbell player to ever walk the earth!
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Motley Crue
A lot of bands from that era tended to use a cowbell

It doesn't sound right when it's played too fast, but a steady beat and you cant beat a bit of the cowbell
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Why would anyone want to listen to cowbell when they could listen to the joyous sound of the vibraslap?
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Kings Of Leon used it on their new album.
I remember cowbell on a Beatles tune.
Jet have cowbell on Rip It Up.
QOTSA - Little Sister.
BLUE OYSTER CULT! - Dont Fear The Reaper

Cowbell rocks dicks.
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Little Sister has a jam block, not a cowbell.

My little sister has a penis.

Not a cowbell.

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lowrider- war
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I NEVER NOTICED BUT [url="http://www.funnyhub.com/videos/page...re-cowbell.html

You can't do that - the Beatles
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