Okay so i was replacing my strings on my acoustic and as i was pulling out the peg to my G-string, the head of it ripped off leaving the rest jammed inside the hole in the bridge. I have no idea what to do, help me out please.
Go to a guitar store and buy a set. They're like $5.

Just push the other one through with a pen or something.
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You'll need to get all of the remaining strings loose enough so that you can slip your hand into the soundhole of the guitar and push the broken bridge pin (that's what they're called btw) out from the inside. Before you try tho, try pushing the string back into the guitar from the outside. The ball end of the string wedges itself into place between the bottom side of the pin and the bridge plate. Sometimes this wedge, or lock, can be difficult to release. This is the best way of doing it tho, so give it a shot first. If you can manage to get the string to move into the body of the guitar, then simply press the broken bit of the peg out from the inside. Problem solved.
If you have a drill press you could drill it out. Better though to use a nickel and push up from the inside of the guitar to get it out. Then I would by a set of bone bridge pins. $10 on ebay and make sure they are not too tight. Sand them down so that they fit the hole and would actually just barely fall out if you turned the guitar upside down.

If they stick the peg is too big.
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I tried, the thing is jammed in there.

Stick your hand in the hole and push from the inside.
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another alternative is to push the string down in the bridge to loosen the grip, and shake the guitar while it is facing towards the floor so that the bridge pin falls out.

never happened to me, so I have no idea if this works. but it kinda makes sense. =P
guys it is a simple enough task. Just you have to remember before you try to pull the bridge pin out, push the string into the guitar then the pin will come out easy. The ball end has to jam the pin in to make the string stay in the guitar so if you undo your string (one at a time) then push the string into the guitar (releasing the wedged pin/ball end) & the pin will come put with just your fingers.

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