I am a decent guitar player, and can play stuff that isn't the hardest thing ever, but not the easiest either (ex: I can play everything except the solo's in most megadeth and metallica songs). The problem is that I can never seem to get to the next level regarding speed and dexterity for solos, and I have been at this plateau for a while. Do I really just need to practice parts from solos over and over again? if so, can someone share a personal experience of how long it takes them to learn a moderately fast solo? thanks.
I'm not sure if I'm obsessive compulsive, but how come everyone keeps putting these stupid threads in ADVANCED techniques? I'm positive that how to stop sucking isn't a advanced technique.
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Keep practicing a solo slow and clean it up but make sure you keep speeding it up gradually. Also I would go up scales and do sweep picking practices to improve my speed.
just learn the songs bit by bit, and slow them down. once your comfortable with it, play it faster.
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some of these lessons helped me develop speed, dexterity, technique, ect. and helped me leave that same plateau your on
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You will never stop sucking. You can suck less, but you'll never stop sucking. That's just the way it is...
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You will never stop sucking. You can suck less, but you'll never stop sucking. That's just the way it is...

I think this guy was looking for something MOTIVATIONAL. This doesn't seem anything close to that.

It all depends on what you consider "sucking". There's a million guys that only play chords and they don't think they suck. I can pretty much garuntee you, though, that they don't want to play fast. They just want to play.

Anyways...Personally, I would do some easy solos like the Iron Man solo or something like that. I wouldn't try to dive into something that is a million beats per minute. I like learning new solos, but I don't like learning solos that I can't quite play yet. I've heard people suggest MAB songs...I don't want to even try that! It makes me feel less motivated and just don't feel like trying to do it. When I can't even play chromatic scales at that speed, I know I shouldn't try it yet.
Trying to learn to play faster isn't going to help you nail fast solos. The proper mindset is learning how to play better. The less flaws your technique has (wasted range of motion, tense muscles, digging in too much with your plectrum, etc.), the faster you'll be able to play without your technique falling apart. So slow down, find the errors in your technique using the knowledge you gain from reading stickies in this forum, and fix them. Happy playing.