Here are my guitars:

I'm thinking about putting a purple moto pickguard or a mirror purple on the strat. It's basically the same as the one on it already, just purple. Should I get it or just keep the old one. I love all of them of them and can't decide

For the RG, I would get a pink, cyan, and blue swirl pickguard or a mirror teal pickguard. I would get pink pickups in the neck and bridge, and white in the middle. A blue switch, and clear purple knobs. Or I would get a mirror or sparkle gold pickguard and leave everything else black. (there are gold sparkles in the RG's finish)

So here are the options
Mirror Purple
Purple Moto
Original Silver

Pink, Cyan, Blue swirl - pink, white, blue, purple stuff
Mirror Teal - pink, white, blue, purple stuff
Mirror Gold - everything else black
Sparkle Gold - everything else black

I like 80s music and purple is my favorite color. Gaudy is also a plus, I want my axes to be noticed from a mile away. The strat is my classy guitar
That would look ridiculous, but they're your guitars. You must be more secure in your sexuality then me.
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Dude my strat has those gibson style black knobs, black pups, and the same pick-guard. But my actual guitar is wine red....that's still weird tho........

Try putting one of those vintage strat bridge covers on it, always wanted one for mine.

Or if you REALLY want something gaudy but also cool (i thought about doing this for a while) would be to put a bigsby vibrato tailpiece on your strat. I asked someone on GC's website and they said it should fit as long as it's the fender tele model and not like the carved top one.
i wouldnt change the strat
and if you want a pyschedelic look for the ibanez, which i can see, i'd just make the pickups covers something bright like bright yellow, neon/bright green, and pink.
and if you can find some crazy looking knobs and a crazy looking cap for the pickguard, that'd be pretty sick also.
and if you want to get real crazy, then get some colored stringgs!!!
If its possible to take of the inlays, than see if you can find some insane inlays(colorful)
And, if your a good artist, maybe some bright pinstripes or some other bright designs, and then a clear coat over.
i'd give that job to a lutherie or something, it might screw up yourguitar, so idk..
and if you can find colored knobs and colored screws, that too
EDIT: and a neon pickguard of some sort
I like the inlays on the RG, but definitely going to get colored strings. The RG either has 2 have pink or it has 2 b shiny. Only interested in changing the pickguard and pickups