Hey, UGers, I've been working on a guitar project lately, a Jag-styled body and pickguard mixed with a bunch of other wierd parts. I have a vague idea of how I am going to wire it, but I can never seem to get it completely down on paper. If anyone has any experience with wiring diagrams, if they could draw one up for me I'd very much appreciate it. Anyhow, here's the parts I'm using and how I want it wired:

-1 Humbucker Pickup (A Dimarzio Super-II, if it helps)
-A pair of old Teisco single-coil pickups
-1 Volume, 1 Tone(Both 500k), 1 Killswitch
-Now here is the hard part: no pickup-selector switch, instead of that I'm putting in 3 on-off switches, one for each pickup. And I've been thinking of having LED indicators to show whether the pickups are on or not.

I've already ordered all the parts, so if you make them your plans will be used. If any other information is needed I'd be happy to provide it.

Also, if anyone wants to see how the guitar turns out when it's done, I can post a thread if there's enough demand.

you're basically going to want to follow this diagram:

One of them will be a humbucker, but treat it the same as a single coil in the diagram, in the sense that it still has a hot wire and a ground wire.
then add a killswitch before the output jack (see the ultimate killswitch thread if you really cant figure it out).

for the LEDs, just make each switch a DPDT instead of a SPDT, and wire the + of the battery to the middle lug, (or go battery -> resistor -> middle lug), positive leg of the LED to one of the throws, then the negaive leg of the LED to the - of the batery.
Do that for all the switches.

hopefully thats enough to help you figure it out.. if not, I could draw you a diagram later, but I'm going out right now, so I'd have to do it later (or someone else does it now).

..but yeah, hope that helps