When you restring your babies,

how long does it take for them to become dull and ****e again?

comments please.
1-2 Weeks if that.. =/

But I barely do anything to prolong their life, so I can't complain.


Just re-read, for them to become dull, probably 3 days.
i just realized i 've had my ernie ball 9-46 on for over 2 months. i should replace them but they're not that dirty or dull, and i play everyday (im also to lazy to replace them)
depends on how often you play, what you play, your personal hygine (dirty hands mean dirty strings) etc
i have to wash my hands before I play and my strings will last a few weeks. 3 max. I'll change them every 1 or 2 depending on show/recording schedule
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i use Elixirs n i only tend to change them once every 2 months or so, my sound doesnt tend to dumb down that much
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I'm lazy, so every few months
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Just about to change them now, I have Elixers on now for a while but I find their tone is bad and not good harmonics. I have some DRs and some Super slinks...think I'll put on the DRs, they get awesome harmonics. Usually change them about once a month or 100-150 hrs.
usually a week for me.
I've been changing my strings a lot latey just because i'm switching to C# standard, and i had 10s, way too light, moved up to 11s, still too light, and i'm eventually going to 12s.
i'll probably stay at 12s, but if theyre too light then i guess i'll go to 13.
EDIT: And i use DR pure blues, but i'll have to switch to tite fits because they dont make the pure blues past 11s.
i heard they just came out with 12s(on the site), but i cant find them anywhere.
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