A member here posted his method to refretting. All I can remember is he made the tool to chamfer the ends of the frets using 2 blocks of wood and a file I think. And to make them smooth, he used some sort of sanding sponge.

The end result looked good, and making the tools were cheap.

I just can't find it.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
I know the one you mean but I cant remember who posted it.

I can tell you it was a block of 4x4 with the file set in one corner at 35 degrees though.
The whole tutorial including the bevel tool and sanding sponge stuff can be found here


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There's an easier way to make the file jig. Set your tablesaw blade to 35 degrees, take a block of wood (I used 1 3/4" thick maple but anything should do it as long as it's about 1 1/2" thick like a 2x4 or something), set the fence to make a slot where you want the file, make the cut, check to see if the file fits or not if it's too big move the fence a little and cut again until it fits snug. If the file is loose use a couple pieces of thin cardboard as shims.