I have a problem in the pc that is giving me a headache always i turn it on,
the problem is that the computer itself changes the screen resolution often and often.
I have a widescreen with 1440x900 and it changes to 800x600 which is very annoying!
The first thing i did was to look for a false contact in the cable between the cpu and the screen, it wasn't the problem.
I thought it was a virus so I runned a lot of scans with nod32, it didn't found anything.
I tried to format it and changed my windows vista home premium to vista ultimate,
well it didn't worked, the problem continued.
I also tried to download again the graphics controller, well, wonder what, it didn't worked!!

and now I'm here, asking to all of you PC masters of the Pit , to help me to resolve this problem

( oh yeah, and while i were writing this, the problem continued ... )
*irish accent*

have you tried turning it off and then on again?
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Your graphics card may not be up to it.
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*irish accent*

have you tried turning it off and then on again?

That's never going to work..

Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?
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