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Epic post. Wish I could say more, but I don't know much about the subconscious and other psychological stuff.
Oh man, my ears will never be the same again.
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Thanks Mr. Heafyman! you're an absolute legend
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Porn is everywhere. Look around.
Porn is in the forest, in your parents bedroom, in the sea.
But most importantly, in your heart.
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I take dumps all the time! I R TURDBURGLAR!
I like the one comment on the video


flintazra wrote:

I think the next person to shoot up a school should list Jonas brothers and Hannah Montana as his favorite "musicians."
wtf? soundsworse than me
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Mature pit regulars? Are you retarded?

I am a proud Zune 120 owner
that's you, isn't it?

also, love the face at 2:16
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I've never smoked before but it looks like fun.
wow...that dudes a loser xD I'm better and I've only been playing 6 string guitar for 4 months xD but bass for 2 years
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Taking the piss out of Americans is like bullying retards, it's unashamedly one-sided but extremely gratifying.
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is he serious?

He is about as super serial as Al Gore.
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Lol i think we should all sponsor this on ultimate guitar and make it the most viewed thing on youtube!!!

PS i sent him an email to this thread!! lol
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He is about as super serial as Al Gore.

+1 Lawl!!!!

wow man, great epic fail man...... And he said he been playing for 5 years?!?!?!?!
Very funny, very funny indeed.
Is he actually trolling?

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


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Is like a truck
I'm praying to god he's trolling and then makes a video of real shredding and ****s us all over.
That was so bad makes me want to stab a hot poker in my ears, what's funny is he has been playing the burger for five years, not the guitar, poor dude.
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I...I actually LAUGHED at that picture.
"We were one among the fence"
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You have no idea how many mornings my dad has woken up to me in my underroos rocking out in the morning...on a mission...A MISSION TO ROOOOCCCCKKKKK!!!!!
Haha, I was the first to put "UG FTW" on that video!

(my youtube name is thesnowblindwizard)
I lol'd.
I sued Delta Airlines, 'cause they sold me a ticket to New Jersey, I went there, and it SUCKED.

he says he's been playing for 5 years
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lardlad stole my youtube name. im metalman1414
i joined 2 years ago....
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"Don't brutal your sister, Timmy!"
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That picture, combined with your sig, made me laugh.

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That kind of annoys me. Why does he have to be "The next Eddie"? Why can he be the first <insert name here>?
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this guy is actually serious check his other vidz. specially watch his vid about his solo that he wrote. its just random fast strumming and limited knowledge of the pentatonic scale with no idea of phrasing, key or any improvisational imagination

this fat ass**** is prolly the worst guitarist on youtube since the kid who tried to teach how to whammy without a whammy bar
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