anyone else like D'n'B?
what are your fave artists?

at the moment i'm lovin' TC, DJ Hazard, Andy C and of course Pendulum before they went sh*t (pre In Silico)
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my personal favs in DnB are Pendulum, High Contrast, Logistics, London Elektricity, etc.
i'm a fan of the 'sub-genre' of DnB known as liquid funk, which is what most of those guys fall under. really good stuff

also, I at first wasn't a fan of Pendulum's new album, but after some semi-forced listens to it (we have it at our college radio station where i dj) it grew on me, and though it's still not as good Hold Your Colour, it's impressive in its own way IMO
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Would Om count as drum 'n' bass?
Drums and bass are the only instruments, but it's more stonery/doomy music...
Current Value if you want some stuff to chill out to.
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