My parents want to know what I want most for Christmas, and Ive got it down to the following:
- TS9
- TU-2
- M-108

I'm currently running through a Cube 30X (but will be getting an Epi Valve Jr soon as I sell the current head on my halfstack) into an Epi LP Studio (soon to have a JB) and an Epi LP Jr (soon to have a phat cat).

I play mostly punk/poppunk/little indie/other random stuff

My ideal tone is like in Famous Last Words/Thank You For The Venom (mcr) [Distorted]
or Sometime Around Midnight(airborne toxic event)/Boys Dont Cry(cure)

Thanks guys

BTW, I dont care what you think of my music taste, its irrellevant atm.
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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

What is your question?

The Valve Junior will need a good distortion pedal to get into MCR territory. The TS9 won't do that on it's own. Plus I'd go for the Maxon OD9, same thing but cheaper (Maxon used to make pedals for Ibanez). Also check out the OD808/TS808. The TU2 is fine as long as it's not in your signal chain to your amp, you need some kind of second output somewhere. The M108 is great, if you get the Kerry King version, there's a second output you can send to the TU2. But otherwise, I'd recommend the Korg Pitchblack for transparency and accurate tuning, or the Fender's tuner pedal which works well for a lot less money.

But really, I think you need a good distortion. Most people will recommend the Metal Muff, but I prefer MI Audio's Crunch Box. Closest thing you can get to a Marshall in a box, which should get you a good MCR tone. I think Frank Iero uses JCM2000s and Ray Toro used to use Randalls, but now he uses 2000s and 800s.
so am I better off just saving up for a super used marshall?
We've dressed up in our best...

...and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.

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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

Depends on what you want it for. For your room, the VJ will be too loud to get a good natural overdrive sound, and it won't be that much distortion. With a good distortion, it should sound great at bedroom volume, with nice cleans. For playing live, no matter what you are going to get break up, so forget having cleans at that volume. You will be able to get some good natural tube overdrive though.

If you intend on gigging at all, I would look for a used JCM800 or 2000. On a budget, check out Traynors or a Peavey Windsor. Or you could swap out your Cube 30 for a 60 and use it with a footswitch, you'd be good for small shows and it would still be a great practice amp. Another option is a Roland Jazz Chorus and a MI Audio Crunch Box.
Hmmm... looking at what's in your profile for favorite guitarists:

Frank Iero - JCM2000
Billie Joe - JCM800 (at least on Dookie and Insomniac)
Tom Morrello - JCM800, 50W 2 channel version
Zachy Vengance - I think he uses Bogners
Frank (Fred?) Mascherino - JCM800 2203

It definitely looks like some kind of Marshall clone is right up your alley. I would learn as much as you can about the JCM800 series and amps that come close to that sound before making a decision. The VJ isn't really suited to what you're looking for. The Cube should actually be better for you than the VJ right now.