I have been playing guitar for about 9 years now. I can barely read tab but would like to know more. And would like to learn to read music.
You've been playing for 9 years and you 'barely' know how to read tabs...?

Get a teacher...or search the endless web for answers (like this site...)
Tabs are fairly easy to read. You just need to sit down and spend some time working with them. As for reading music - it's not really that important for a guitar player to learn to read music, since most guitarists play by ear. If you really are intent on learning, there are several Hal Leonard books that teach standard notation.

FWIW, I learned how to read music early in my guitar lessons and really haven't used it since. I'm planning to start taking piano lessons soon, so I will have to learn it again. Good luck.
I learned by playing classical guitar, reading jazz lead sheets, and by being surrounded by music. Now, years later, I can sit in on pretty much anything and am very happy I stopped using tabs early.
Quote by TGFMusic
Get a teacher...or search the endless web for answers (like this site...)

I agree, at the least you can google reading music, and I'm sure you can get some useful information. A few years ago I started taking lessons, and my teacher gave me this book to go through that mainly focused on reading music. I allready knew some, because I had been taking piano lessons for quite some time, so that helped me out a little.

But, reading music is really not that hard. Now I say "Reading" is not hard, when it comes to playing while reading... It can get kind of complicated. I can't site read as fast as I would like, but at least I can read it.
You should probably get a teacher, it would probably be quite hard to work out all the rythms without having someone there to show you them the first time you encounter them.

If you don't want to get a teacher you could probably find a website that explains the notation of notes and most of the basic rythms. After that just find some music (buy a book, idk) and just try and sight read the music (you shouldn't already know what you are sight reading because you should be relying on the notation).

The best way to learn how to read music is to practise reading it. Think about it, if some 10 year old whose only been playing a classical instrument a few years (or months) then so can you. And how did they do it? They practised.