Yes, there is a thread for this band in the metal forum, but mainly due to Neige's connections in black metal (Mortifera, Peste Noire, etc.). I view them more as a shoegaze band. Quite a bit heavier than most shoegaze, but something that I'm sure most post rock/shoegaze fans can appreiate. I'm not sure how much exposure they get outside of metal circles, so hopefully this can raise awareness of this great band, and get some opinions from fans from the other side of the band's musical spectrum.

Coincidence... Neige is my favourite singer... Mortifera, Peste Noire, Alcest and Amesoeurs are the best bands there are!
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Well they've two distinctly different albums
One black metal, one more shoegaze, almost post-rock in it's composition

Personally I like both, though the shoegaze album astounds me every time I listen to it, the black metal is pretty much standard black metal, and so doesn't stand out
Referring to the difference between Tristesse Hivernale and Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde?
Yes, the first is pretty much just raw black metal, nothing too special IMO.
The Le Secret ep is good too, a bit heavier but still... shoegazey.

Neige's voice is great, awesome cleans in Alcest and some of the most emotional shrieks I've ever heard in Mortifera.
I think I need to look into his other bands
I love black metal, got a vast collection of it, but for some reason I've always glanced over Mortifera, consider this thread the catalyst in my discovery of, hopefully, a great band
They've got some of the coldest atmosphere out there, and like I said before, Neige's shrieks are incredible.

This is one of my favorite songs from Vastia Tenebrd Mortifera:La Revenant
Good stuff, very good stuff
May find myself acquiring some of this as soon as I've got my harddrive back
I have the split Tristesse Hivernale/Aux Funérailles Du Monde split with Angmar... it's pretty good, but I much prefer the Angmar side.

Le Secret seems great, but I haven't listened to it that much really.

And obviously, Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde is amazing. One of the biggest influences on my songwriting. Speaking of which... go to the Agalloch thread and crit